"No. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming."
When other kids were watching cartoons, I was reading National Geographic.

"No. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming."

When other kids were watching cartoons, I was reading National Geographic.


Review of the king james bible on amazon

Now I’m not usually into fiction, but on the recommendation of some friends who told me this book would change my life, I thought: “what the hey?”

I’ve gotta say I was disappointed. This could have been an epic gore flick, with millions of people being slayed in all directions by the central character. I mean, he doesn’t spare the horses - all the people on earth (apart from 8 blokes on a boat), all the first sons of Eygpt, pretty much all the neighbouring tribes of Israel - they all get slashed up in some gruesome horror scenes. And hey, there’s some great romance and sex scenes in there - from the Song of Songs, to the implied incest in the first chapter. It even touches on some freudian themes, with brother turning against brother.

But really, that’s where the entertainment ends, and the complaints begin.

First of all the characters are poorly written. Take Adam and Eve, the first characters we meet. We’ve barely been introduced to them when they make the awesomely stupid decision to betray an all seeing and knowing God in his own garden - thus condemning all mankind through the magical concept of inherited sin. Think that’s far fetched? What about God himself - the main character - putting the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the *middle of the garden* and making all the fruit juicy and nice! What was he thinking?! And he didn’t even warn them about the lying talking snake he’d made - something that any conscientious omniscient God would clearly do.

Entire article:


Church Cancelled Due to Lack of God

January 15, 1996

The South—Parishioners of Pastor Theo Leobald’s First Congregational Church of Holy Christ In Heaven will not meet next Sunday morning for a coffee social and morning Bible study as they do every week, gathering in fellowship and offering thanks and praise to God on high. The reason for the cancellation? Simply the fact that, according to Leobald, God does not now, has never, and will never exist.

The Church of Holy Christ In Heaven will soon change its name to the Church of Imaginary Make-Believe Land.

When asked why he is convinced of God’s nonexistence, Leobald became visibly irritated with reporters.

“What’re you, an illiterate peasant? Aren’t you familiar with 20th century thinking at all? Christ, read a book, or maybe just think about the idea for a minute. Pretty ridiculous, huh?” he said.

When pressed, however, he sighed heavily, and explained that thousands of years ago, tribes of nomadic desert peoples made up God because, being incapable of scientific reasoning due to caveman-like existences, they had no other way of making sense of things like sunshine, rocks and pork-transmitted trichinosis.

“They made it all up, and they were ignorant, unwashed, half-naked pre-historic barbarians,” Leobald said. “So who are you gonna believe: Carl Sagan, and the pantheon of the world’s greatest scientific and intellectual minds, or some guy who measured wealth by how many goats he had?”

Sagan, according to Leobald, is an “astronomer” in a big city far, far away who writes what are known as “books.”

“I just felt like an idiot saying all that nonsense week in, week out. What’s the point of singing hymns of joyous adoration to a fictional entity?” Leobald said.

“Why convene to donate time, money and personal resources to a being which exists only in fabulous legends and mythological ancient texts? If we were to keep doing that, week after week, why, we’d feel ridiculous, wouldn’t we? Plus, we’d look pretty stupid as well. It’d be like talking to a wall, and frankly, I’ve got better things to do with my time. And I sincerely hope all of you do too.”

Although reactions among community members to Leobald’s decision have been varied, most have been positive.

“I never really liked getting up that early on the weekend anyway, but continued to do so out of gripping fear of having my entrails eternally ripped out by flaming scimitars after death,” Gregory H. Tensdale, 51, said. “But now that I know it’s all just pretend, I am no longer terrified.”

Tensdale concluded by adding that the uncomfortable dress-up clothes he has always detested will be on the trash heap by sundown, and that he fully expects to stay clad only in underwear until well after the game on Sundays from now on.

“I enjoyed the lovely singing during church service, and was very sad to see it go, particularly because I am a lonely septuagenarian waiting to die,” Mabel Graskowsky, 78, said. “But then Pastor explained to me that there are groups who get together just for singing only, and I could go to any one I wanted whenever I wished. Just singing! None of that boring inbetween stuff I always slept through. I’m much happier now.”

Not all opinions were as supportive.

“Who cares if God isn’t real? I say worship him anyway,” School Board Member Fred Nichtenhausen said. “After all, every grown-up man and woman knows Santa Claus isn’t real, yet we worship him every year on Christmas, the Holy Day of Santa’s birth, as prophesied by Nostradamus.”

Added junior high school student Curt Mondaham, who was unimpressed with the pastor’s speech, “Big deal. He’s just saying the same thing Neil Peart’s been saying for years.”

For those who still want to worship, if not God, but just something, Leobald has started a Sunday morning group called The Church of Imaginary Make-Believe Land, where churchgoers will have their choice of nonexistent beings to submit to. Some of the worship selections include Poseidon, super-agent James Bond and fabled storybook character Peter Pan. “I’m worshipping Peter Pan,” Gladys Fye, 108, said. “I do so love his adorable little pointed green shoes. Oh, that Tinkerbell with her magic dust!”

For his part though, Leobald says he will not be attending.

“I’m meeting once a week, not Sundays but on Wednesdays, with anyone who cares to join me. We won’t be worshipping anybody, just practicing my favorite hobby, horticulture. I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the power to grant eternal absolution from earthly pain, but at least flowers are real. We must cultivate our garden.”


An article about the steady decline of religion in the United States and how people aren’t moving from one religion to another, but away from all organized religion in general.

Christians have dropped 11% in a single generation! “So many Americans claim no religion at all (15%, up from 8% in 1990), that this category now outranks every other major U.S. religious group except Catholics and Baptists.”

Also, researchers realized more people show their religiousness when given the option “none” over “atheist” or “agnostic” because it’s less out of the social norm.

I remember when I was afraid of hell and though I knew deep inside there was no god, I was still “christian” because of the slight chance of eternal torture… if only they can count all THOSE people too!


… that atheists know more about religion than the religious.